A Brief Introduction to the Author & Her Work

I am Kimberly Mullins, the author of Notebook Mysteries. Emma's adventures have now gone through 4 books (book 4 to be released in August of 2022). I love working with my characters in 1880 Chicago.  Keep an eye out for audible books in 2022.  And my first translated book (French) will be out in early 2023.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Biology and an MBA in Business. I have been working as a certified Process Safety Engineer at a large chemical company. I have also been a contributing author in a technical book in my field. I have also written several technical papers.

I live in South Texas with my son, husband, and three cats. We do live close to the coast, so hurricanes are a normal part of life here. In 2008 we lost our house in Hurricane Ike and found out I had breast cancer in the same two-week period. 2009 was a struggle to rebuild and beat cancer- we did both successfully! 

I find that that challenge made everything else seem easier. So, when I decided to try writing, I didn’t let myself think I couldn’t do it; I just did it. I took a year to figure out how to write a book and used many resources to help me. I have friends and family that were willing to read early drafts and read later versions over and over. 

I love my books, and I hope so will you.


Kimberly Mullins Author

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Me and My family

This is my wonderful family. Without their support there would be no books.

Photos provided courtesy of Blessing of Faith Photography